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Starsole Limited in partnership with Helios Agrosol Ltd and other product vendors provides solar water heating solutions for all purposes ranging from heating domestic water, central heating solutions for all purposes ranging from heating domestic water, central heating and heating of swimming pools. We are certified by the Energy Regulatory Commission, ERC, to supply and install solar water heating systems. ERC License No: ERC/SWHC/00036

Our mission is to “Offer products of high quality and enduring value.”

Quality and Responsibility

Our products are manufactured by Venman in Thessaloniki, Greece. The manufacturer controls all processes from sourcing of raw materials to fabrication, assembly and testing. Products are tested to the highest quality and certified for various aspects. Certificates are available upon request. Products come with a 5 year written warranty. We work closely with the manufacturer and our customers to achieve perfection in all aspects of our business.

  • Product Range

    The types of products available in the market are as follows; Closed loop system / indirect heating system Open loop system/ direct heating system Centralised heating system/ split heating systems Heat Exchanger systems for swimming pools Flatbed collector Vacuum tube collectors

  • Closed loop, split system with flat bed solar collectors, pump and controller.

    Used where roof space cannot support the coupled system. Requires range of components to work together. More efficient when large quantities of hot water are required e.g. in hotels, hospitals, high rise apartments, laundries etc.

  • Closed loop, split system storage tank

    Vertical split system storage tanks available in capacities ranging from 150L to 9000L. 150L to 1000L tanks available with single or double exchanger coils and backup electric booster elements. 1500L, 2000L, 3000L, 4000L and 5000L available with removable double coils and backup electric booster elements. 7000L and 9000L available with removable triple coils and backup electric booster elements.

  • We mainly deal with the closed loop, flat bed close coupled heating system due to its advantages in our market as follows,

    Contaminated/ hard water does not flow through sensitive components or parts of the system. Easy to install and maintain. Has a longer life than the open system. Is not prone to leakage or seal failure. Aesthetically, better looking than the others!

  • Thermosiphon system storage tank.

    Glass enamel coated tank to prevent corrosion and allow maximum heat transfer. Cathodic protection via magnesium anode (easily replaced every 2 to 3 years). 3kw electrical heater element that boosts heating on overcast days with Incorporated thermostat to maintain water temperature in the tank and prevent growth of Legionella Bacteria. Hot water spout design allows steady flow of hot water and prevents the coil from burning out due to dry heating. Cold water spout design that diffuses cold water at the bottom of the tank and forces circulation of water in the tank. Incorporated safety valves for both high temperature and pressure in the system. Working fluid expansion tank to prevent loss of glycol to the atmosphere. Glycol supplied with system, has anti-freeze and anti-corrosive properties which lengthens the product life.


Made of high heat absorbing materials.
Absorptive aluminium surface with Blue selective coating technology.
Lightweight for easy transport and installation
Safety glass with high permeability
Back and side glass wool insulation
Vertical or horizontal mounting possibility.
8 available sizes range from 1.5 m² to 2.9 m².
Global installation system with internal movable parts
One-piece anodized profile, non-corrosion technology for ultimate seal against moisture and air micro-particles.
Safety glass with high permeability.
Back and side glass-wool insulation.
HARP type absorber (22mm headers and 8mm risers) welded

2mm thick galvanised hot rolled metal frames.
Strong and durable structure.
Easy to assemble and transport.
Easily modified to fit any roof or base for mounting.
Adjustable to work with any roof angle.

Flat Bed Solar collector

Insulated storage tank with adjustable thermostatic heating element

Insulated, stainless steel connection pipes between tank and collectors

All necessary brass fittings

Temperature and pressure safety relief valves

Expansion tank for glycol


Check valves

Galvanised steel mounting frame with all bolts and nuts.

Cathodic protection rod

Inner Tank Material: Metal steel sheet DC for the main tank (EN 10130/2006) and for the jacket (exchanger) (EN10130/2006)
Internal Anticorrosion Protection:
a) LIQUID enamel (DIN 4753-3), totally safe for public health (DIN 51032 & ΕΝ 1388-2)
b)magnesium anode (EN 12438)
Welding: MAG
Insulation: Rigid polyurethane foam of 48kg/m³ (DIN 53420), self-extinguishing (DI N 4102)
Maximum Working Pressure for the Main Tank: 10 bar
Test Pressure for the Main Tank: 15 bar (EN 12976-1, 4.1.6)
Maximum Working Pressure for the Jacket (Exchanger): 3,5 bar
Test Pressure for the Jacket (Exchanger): 5 bar (EN 12976-1/2006, 4.1.6)
Maximum Working Temperature of the
Main Tank: 95 degrees Centigrade
Heating Element: 3KW Thermostatic
External Cover: Pre-painted galvanized steel sheet 0,5mm (EN 10204/2.2)