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Ever evolving technologies

About Us

Starsole Technics Ltd was established to provide high quality IT solutions to customers with an emphasis on service by striving to exceed your expectations. This rare quality has allowed Starsole to grow swiftly whilst keeping pace with the rapidly developing IT Industry. The company specializes in supplying and installing Computer Network Solutions and provides associated services to cater for the ever demanding IT industry. Whilst the company delivers technology solutions, it never forgets that the solution must add value to your business. As a result, the customers can be sure the solutions the company devises and implements will give them the maximum return on their investment. The company designs, develops and implement the most appropriate cost effective solutions for its client. The company also ensures that the necessary skills are transferred for ease of use and implementation

IT Consultancy

The Company offers a complete range of consultancy, delivery and support services, giving the option to request a specific skill or, more commonly, take a fully integrated end-to-end solution. It can help you in defining strategy, choosing appropriate technologies, procurement, custom configuration, project management and installation. Once implemented, the company then provides a range of support services to ensure long-term cost effective performance.

Network Design and Implementation

Professional installation services that will save time and money. It offers a full The Company offers installation service from adding PCs and printers to an entirely new network. The company’s vast experience of handling a wide range of installation and configuration work, from a simple PC card fitting to highly complex office wide solutions, allows them to carry out the installation to the highest standard, thoroughly tested and fully operational at completion.

Hardware and Software Supplies

Consumables, Media, Spares, Cables and connectivity are essential items in the IT infrastructure, the company provides all the essential supplies for all IT equipment to work without fuss. The list of accessories the company offers is almost endless.

IP Telephony

VoIP is an emerging new technology which optimized voice through the internet. VoIP is just another way of making a phone call. But put simply VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is about making calls over the Internet rather than through traditional telephone lines.